Katana 4    

Our focus is to offer products that produce actual lumens, with a good peripheral beamspread, that is not too narrow and a LED colour beam that is on the warmer side of cool white. 

A very narrow beamspread offered by the industry in general does not entitle you to see when the bend in the track is occurring as the lightbeam is too narrow. You might just miss the turn altogether unless you have a good peripheral beamspread. 

For our professional riders we offer the Katana4 Pro which consists of a warm white LED blend. This ensures a richer colour and shadow perception in the brown, green, yellow and red wavelength. The cooler white bikelight products on the market reproduces a grayish and flat colour/object perception as they compete on paper to reproduce the most lumens for the cheapest price. 

Your eye is a complicated organism that will automatically adjust the perceived brightness when you ride, however it will not adjust for colour perception. If the Katana4 Pro does not fit your current budget, our Katana4 offers a warmer cool white light with all the benefits it has to offer. 

We pride ourselves on the quality that our product offers. For instance our connector is waterproof to an IP67 rating and the contacts are gold plated for corrosion resistance. Inevitably these are weaknesses of current products on the market. 

Instead of competing on paper we prefer to focus on the actual real-life needs of a rider. 

Recommended pricing: Including VAT, excluding shipping

Katana4 = R2 914

Katana4 Pro = R3 299 (with warm white and neutral white LED blend and optics conversion kit)


  • *25 degree and 40 degree optic conversion kit, R385 Including VAT
  • *Handlebar mounting kit, R319 Including VAT
  • *Battery bag, R253 Including VAT

Features: Download the Katana4 brochure to see the many advanced features offered.

Area Retailers: 

Cape Town: The Epic Bike Shop, Lance Stephenson, www.epicbikeshop.co.za

Paarl : Extreme LED Lighting, Brendan Williams, brendanw74@hotmail.com


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