Ferei BL200X    


For our professional riders we offer the BL200X that consists of a warm white LED. This ensures a richer colour and shadow perception in the brown, green, yellow and red wavelength. Your eye and image recognition from daytime images processes this information better under warm white light, which means you can automatically react quicker to changes in your bike trail as the images are more familiar to what you are seeing and have registered during daytime.

In addition, as the eye becomes older/weaker, the edges of an object is not as crisp and clearly defined. A cool white light reduces shadow perception, as objects appear flatter and duller under cool white light illumination. This means the negative effects of an older/weaker eye are compounded even more and thus result in more eye strain and eye fatigue.

The cooler white bikelight products on the market reproduce a grayish and flat colour/object perception as they compete on paper to reproduce the most lumens for the cheapest price. Your eye is a complicated organism that will automatically adjust the perceived brightness when you ride, however it will not adjust for colour perception. There is an advantage in making use of a warm white light.

What is the difference between the BL200X and the BL200?

BL200X : the support holder size fits a downhill bike • the distance between the two mounting clamps is 65mm • yellow colour beam LED • screw mount design

BL200 :  the support holder size fits AM (all mountain) bikes and FR (free ride) series bikes • the distance between the two mounting clamps is 50mm • white colour beam LED • quick release design • it fits most mountain bike bars


• The BL200X features a unique thermostatic circuit to regulate temperature and prevent overheating.
• Unique, compact twin-head design uses the very latest Cree XM-L T6 LEDs for unmatched output.
• Toughened ultra clear glass lens provides maximum light transmittance.
• Computer-designed alloy reflector provides a seamless beam with optimal focus.
• Aerospace grade aluminium body resists impacts and effectively dissipates heat.
• Military grade hard-anodized finish resists scratching and corrosion.
• Water-resistant O-ring sealed construction guards against bad and wet weather conditions.
• Advanced battery level indicator flashes green to indicate level of charge.
• Multi-purpose DC cable conveniently attaches to both the BP4872 battery pack and power supply/charger.
• The BL200X features a convenient integrated handlebar mount while the BP4872 battery pack can be conveniently fitted by using the optional VC43 Velcro strap.

• This light offers a 50% dimmable feature which is user programmable to the light that you prefer.


Max Output:1120 Lumens
Runtime: 1.5 hours
Battery: 4 x 18650 li-ion battery pack
Distance: 270 m
Head diameter: 34mm
Width: 86mm
Length: 110mm


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